Chevron Refinery Leak Resolved

The Chevron refinery in Pascagoula has emptied the tank with the damaged roof successfully and safely.
There is still some cleanup to do over the next couple of days at the refinery. Residents nearby may smell a light scent of gasoline in the air but Chevron tells News 25 that the odor in not unsafe.
Chevron, along with the United States Coast Guard, Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality and Jackson County Emergency Services, held a press conference today to notify the community on the status of their safety.
Since Monday morning, Chevron has done a two hour rotation of air monitoring out in the community at a minimum of nine sites. Chevron Public Affairs Manager Alan Sudduth said, “If someone’s complained about smell or odor, we’ve gone to those sites and took readings there. I can tell you that all of those reading that we’ve gotten from the two hour rotational period and from the specific sites have all come back zero readings. It’s all good.”
Chevron will continue to monitor the air to ensure there is no threat to the surrounding community.

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