Chevron Hosts High School Career Fair

More than 400 high school students form Greene, George, and Jackson Counties learned about possible careers at the Chevron Refinery Tuesday.

From mechanics to the laboratory, students were involved in hands on demonstrations and competitions to get them interested in the industrial workforce. Chevron has made it their mission to promote economic development in the area and wants to inspire local students to in turn, hire local workers.

Joe Robinson with Chevron says, “It gives them a chance to understand what people do in their actual job, but what does it take to learn how to do that so we also have Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College here and we’ve partnered with them in a couple of their programs, so in the course of learning about what this mechanic does or this operator does, they can also learn what they need to do to do that as a profession.”

Students also participated in a driving tour of the Pascagoula Refinery.

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