Chevron Contributes to MGCCC Engineering

Today Chevron joined in on Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College and Mississippi State’s partnership to offer a four year engineering degree program on the Gulf Coast.
The refinery presented a $150,000 check to MGCCC to put towards new lab equipment for the program. A recent study conducted by MSU shows that the field of engineering on the Coast continues to grow and the number of engineering jobs offered is expected to increase by 20 percent by the year 2020.
MGCCC President Dr. Mary Graham said, “Engineering is an expensive program to run so you need community partners, you need business and industry but the benefit for them is they’ll be able to hire certified engineers out of our program, people that are from the Mississippi Gulf Coast who will be willing to stay and work at Chevron on the Coast. “
General Manager for the Chevron refinery Bruce Chinn said, “It’s just a great program to support and it’s going to make a contribution for years to come with respect to education and economic development for the Coast.”
The first class of the degree program will start this January.

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