Chemical Spill at the Chevron Refinery

There has been another chemical spill at the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula.
MDEQ’s enforcement chief, Ernie Shirley, tells News 25 that just before midnight last night nearly 10,000 gallons of a hydrocarbon oil mix was spilled.
There is good news. The spill has been contained into a ditch on the Chevron property. Vacuum trucks were sent in to put the oil back into the process system. According to Shirley, this is considered a process upset and what caused the spill is still under investigation.
Chevron did release a statement this afternoon saying: “Refinery teams responded and the leak was immediately contained. The spilled material contains volatile organic compounds. Refinery safety specialists have conducted air monitoring within the refinery throughout the event response, with the results confirming there is no danger to the community. The refinery has notified and will continue to coordinate with all appropriate local, state, and federal agencies.”

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