Checking in on your mental health during times of uncertainty

As local residents continue to stay home and practice social distancing, many are trying to mentally adjust to the several quick lifestyle changes that may come with it.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak in Mississippi, Gulfport Behavioral Health System has seen an increase in mental health calls.

The facility is open 24 hours a day with live assessment staff to help people determine what their best needs are. They are still accepting patient admissions.

As recommended by the CDC, all patients will be screened before entering the building and the facility is not currently accepting visitors.

Gulfport Behavioral Health System CEO Loyal Ownes understands that social isolation and self-quarantine are not the norm for us. He encourages those struggling to give them a call or practice a few simple tips at home. “Maintain some level of structure. We all have some structure in our day, so keep those things in place. If you don’t have a schedule, put a schedule in place and also maintain some social connections. I know we’re talking about social distancing, but there are plenty of ways to use technology that we can continue to have those relationships. They may not be in person. I highly recommend facetime, phone calls, texts, email.”

Ownes also recommends the same for parents with children at home and out of school to keep a level of structure and continue to connect them with their friends.

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