Checking in on Mardi Gras stores sales in Gulfport

This carnival season is rolling in but with no parades. So, how exactly are Mardi Gras stores being affected.

‘Throw me something Mister’ will be one phrase that’s surely missed this year as parades have been asked to stop rolling due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With no parades, there is no need for throws which leaves many wondering how is business for companies that thrive off the carnival season? Mardi Gras Supplies Warehouse Manager Amanda Sherman said, “In previous years, we had hundreds of people in the stores. We had hundreds of orders go out every day, but we knew with the pandemic it was only a matter of time before everything slowed down.”

Mardi Gras Supplies off Pass Road in Gulfport is locally owned and operated, helping let the good times roll in our community for the past decade. They have had lower than normal bead sales, but that is just in store. “Universal Studios California orders a lot. Even though we haven’t been able to have our parades, other states are still going on with their Mardi Gras.”

Items like Mardi Gras masks haven’t been selling as well as they normally do simply because there’s no large gatherings to wear them too, yet the apparel they have sold has been repurposed. Mardi Gras Supplies Store Manager Bradley Day said, “We’ve been seeing our shoppers purchase masks and make them into wreaths or home décor like tablescapes.”

Mardi Gras Supplies has seen an increase in sales for outside house décor as many locals are participating in what they’re calling ‘Yardi Gras.’ “I love it. I think it’s starting a new tradition and it’s an increase in home traditions that people will use for years to come.”

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