Cheaper toll rates in Orange Beach, Alabama

Those who plan on heading to Orange Beach, Alabama will now pay a cheaper toll rate, just in time for the summertime fun.
With the help of the new Beach Express Go program, beachgoers will now pay $2.75. Orange Beach residents will now have the option to pay a dollar electronically or a $1.75 in cash. Many motorists say the lower tolls make sense, especially for those who travel frequently to the area.
The operating company, American Roads, plans to invest five million dollars into long term improvements to bridges and roads in Orange Beach. Orange Beach Mayor Tony Kennon said, “I do think they are trying to accommodate us and like I said, they are trying to find a middle ground between their profitability or are they stifling the City of Orange Beach and our ability to grow to manage traffic. Hopefully, we’re going to get there.”
Tolls are expected to be lowered Labor Day Week and you should begin to see less traffic congestion by Spring 2018.

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