Change of Command for Naval Construction Battalion 27

A new commander took over the helm of Naval Construction Battalion 27 today at the Naval Construction Battalion Center in Gulfport.
Friends, family and Seabees watched as the change of command ceremony took place, a time where responsibility and leadership transitions from one officer to the next. Former Commander Gregory Schell was officially relieved of his duty and new Commander Lester Ortiz now holds the position as commander of Battalion 27.
“When the rough times hit, that’s when these folks really shine. They pull together and help each other, including me. Just the mentorship, the guidance, the leadership that I’ve gotten from all of my shipmates has been quite uplifting,” said Schell.
“It’s really exciting,” said Ortiz, “I’ve been looking for that. I was selected a year ago and I’ve been working and training, classes and overflow for a whole year. I finally made it.”
Commander Ortiz tells News 25 he looks forward to developing the Seabees and working in Gulfport.

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