Change of Command Ceremony at Naval Construction Battalion Center

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133 now has a new commanding officer.
The training hall at the Gulfport Seabee Base was packed Friday morning, all on hand for this traditional naval ceremony, as Commander Luke Greene officially relieved Commander Miquel Diequez as commander of the Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133, a position the new commander has been looking forward to. “I have been wearing a uniform for almost 24 years now and it’s the opportunity to almost give something back, the leadership of the battalion and having the opportunity to help shape and influence the future leaders of the Navy,” said Greene.
A graduate of the Naval Academy and a former enlisted Marine, this new commander knows he will play a key role as the battalion prepares for deployment. “We do huge amounts of construction in all types of environments, sometimes hostile. We’re out there doing all. It’s just a great opportunity.”
An opportunity former Commander Diequez is also embracing as he heads to serve the country at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. “It’s an exciting time inside Washington, D.C. right now with the new administration understanding budget priorities and get an opportunity to help shape that in benefit to the Navy and be able to make a difference to our future.”
The change of command is a naval tradition that represents passing down responsibility from one individual to another. This simple yet unique tradition represents the men and women proudly serving their country. “The opportunity to serve with the finest men and women with our Navy, the Seabees, is something that I have wanted to do and thanks for a lot of great mentorship and support along the years I had the opportunity to realize a dream,” said Diequez.
Commander Greene is also looking ahead, hoping to mentor these young Seabees along the way as they work together to accomplish their common mission for the nation’s Navy.

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