Chancery Court runoff election

The runoff election is just a week away. Incumbent Chancery Judge Sandy Steckler and opponent Margaret Alfonso are fighting for the chancery seat for district 8 place 3.

The election results for chancery court judge on November 6th was not a surprise, both candidates were expecting a runoff. Judge Sandy Steckler has held the position for almost 17 years, covering Harrison, Stone, and Hancock counties.  “I love my work. I love being able to help people and I think this is an opportunity for me to continue to do that after this length of time. I think I know about all there is to know about how it has been and how we can improve it.”

Those improvements Steckler mentioned are working closely with the Supreme Court on rewriting laws and other upgrades to better handle the cases that come his way. “The chancery court is a very emotionally charged place. We want to make sure it’s a safe place for everybody that comes here. At the same time, we don’t want to interfere with anyone’s second amendment right; all of those things have to be in balance.”

Steckler’s opponent Margaret Alfonso was the first woman ever elected to youth court judge for Harrison County.

Chancery court deals with a variety of legal actions, a lot which deal with children and family. Alfonso says one reason she is running is to implement all she has learned from youth court into chancery court. “It’s is important that we have someone in that position that everyone walks into that courtroom will know that it does not matter who their attorney is, it does not matter if they cannot afford an attorney, they’re going to be treated fairly and with respect,” said Alfonso.

Some of the things on Alfonso’s agenda are to bring CASA, or court appointed special advocates, to benefit children of neglect or abuse in chancery court. She also wants to start a mental health court. “It is so vitally important for people to get out and vote. I know people are distracted with the holidays, but these are decisions that could affect their children, their grandchildren, and their families.”

Others who gathered up enough votes for a runoff taking place next Tuesday are Mike Dickinson and Anna Ward Sukmann for Harrison County court place 3 and for chancery court district 16 place 2 covering Jackson, George, and Green counties, Tanya Hasbrouck and Ashlee Trehern.

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