Challenges facing Mississippi educators

Thanks to COVID-19, teachers nationwide have faced unprecedented times this past year.

Along with many other states, the challenges in Mississippi that teachers face predate virtual learning and COVID-19.

Teacher shortages and low salaries are just some of the issues for Mississippi educators.

However, relief could be on the way in the form of a pay increase bill currently in the Senate and the offering of an alternate route to teacher licensure right here on the Gulf Coast.

Pass Christian School Superintendent Dr. Carla Evers says she’s proud to see the way Mississippi teachers continue to persevere through hurdles. “Education to me is a very noble profession. It’s a very rewarding profession. It’s the only profession where you get to create other professions. Just having the opportunity to help our children reach the goals they have and set for themselves and also the dreams parents have for their children is the best thing you could ever do.”

Dr. Evers says PCSD is lucky to provide the highest entry level teacher pay on the Coast. She believes, along with a pay increase, the offering of an alternate route will serve as incentives for prospective teachers.

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