Ceremony honoring fallen Biloxi Officer Robert McKeithen

A ceremony honoring fallen Biloxi Officer Robert McKeithen was held at the Lopez-Quave Public Safety Center with an unveiling of a new memorial.

A truck wrap that features a photo of McKeithen’s memorial chair was unveiled at the morning ceremony.

The custom-built memorial chair was a gift from Saving a Hero’s Place last year, a nonprofit that honors fallen first responders by providing their departments with a permanent place of reverence.

The Beau Rivage and Frisard’s Trucking Company partnered to wrap an 18-wheeler cab for Officer McKeithen’s chair.

McKeithen’s family, Biloxi police, and representatives from Beau Rivage, Frisard’s Trucking, and Saving a Hero’s Place also took part in the ceremony. Frisard Companies CEO Cully Frisard said, “My driver Paul has the honor to drive this truck for Saving a Hero’s Place with the help of the Beau Rivage which sponsored the truck. You know, Officer McKeithen was on one of our other trucks which is our Fallen Heroes truck. And in May 5th of 2019, the City of Biloxi was struck and unfortunately his name had to be part of that truck.”

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