Center Stage Theatre to Perform “Harvey”

Tomorrow night, the Center Stage Theatre will begin its production of "Harvey". The play is about a man with a bit of a drinking problem whose best friend happens to be a 6’7” rabbit that only he can see.
Tonight, News 25 went to the set of this iconic play to get a sneak peak of these talented actors in motion. The performers are very excited to be starring in this play and can’t wait to share it with their audience. Some say their favorite part of being involved in live theatre is the interaction with their audience.
Actor Herb Wilson said, “Growing up, "Harvey" was one of my favorite movies. It’s a classic story starring Jimmy Stewart. His performance, it is iconic and ever since I saw that I have always wanted to play the part and I’m glad to finally be old enough to have the chance to do that.”
For more information about this play and for tickets you can call the theatre at 228-388-6258.

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