Cemetery Cleanup at Mississippi City Cemetery

As part of Hispanic Heritage Week at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus, the Spanish Society conducted a cemetery cleanup at the Mississippi City Cemetery Saturday.
This cleanup was in honor of Dia De Los Muertos: the day of the dead. It is a three-day Mexican holiday to honor and celebrate loved ones who have died and members of USM Gulf Park Spanish Club did just that by picking up trash, doing light lawn care, and stone cleaning.
There are specific reasons why the students chose the Mississippi Cemetery. Spanish Society Vice President Hailey Ulrich said, “This cemetery has a really unique history. It was one of the first integrated cemeteries on the Coast so we have a lot of diversity in this cemetery that might not exist in other cemeteries that are this old and there are very few records on this cemetery. We are in the process of working with the Historical Society of Gulfport to compile survey forms and obituaries for people that we know are here.”
Students also placed American flags on the graves of veterans.

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