Celebration of Life Balloon Release in honor of Imani Rogers

Residents and supporters went to Jones Park on Saturday to pay their respects to 16-year-old Imani Rogers.

A celebration of life balloon release was held in remembrance of the West Harrison High School student. Rogers passed away last week after being shot in the head just five days prior.

Friends, family, and people who didn’t know Imani went to show their support, like Norman Montz of Gulfport who tells News 25 that the violence just has to stop. “The Bible says that when one member of the body of Christ suffers, the whole body suffers. I feel like that applies to a community as well. When one member of the community or the family suffers, we all suffer because this could be our daughter, our granddaughter. It could happen to any of us. For us to remain silent and unsupportive in the wake of such a tragedy would be perhaps to invite it into our lives some time.”

Rev. Margaret Darty said, “If we can come together as a community and we all have compassion and love for each other, try to get along, try to work out situations, I believe we can get past that and combat this gun violence.”

Although no funeral date has been set, if anyone would like to send flowers or cards on behalf of Imani they are asked to address them to Lockett-Williams Funeral Home.

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