Celebrating senior citizens in Harrison County

Each May, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors and the Harrison County Resources Agency celebrate ‘Older Americans Month,’ but the COVID-19 threat has put restrictions on many events planned for this month-long celebration.

The parking lot of the Frances Fredericks Senior Complex came to life Monday, although doors to this and the other six senior centers in Harrison County have remained closed to the public since March 16th due to the threat of COVID-19.

That hasn’t stopped Director Eunice Hollingsworth or others with the Harrison County Senior Resources Agency being resourceful and coming up with creative ways to still serve local seniors. “Every Monday since then we have been giving out Chef Stable meals. These meals are pre-packaged, five in a box. Seniors drive by, pick them up and of course, we are keeping our social distance, gloved and all masked up.”

Monday marked an extra special delivery. “May is ‘Older Americans Month.’ For 57 years, we have been celebrating ‘Older Americans Month’ in the month of May. Well, this year is a little bit different. We had to improvise. We couldn’t have all the events which we had previously scheduled. We are giving them a gift bag along with their meals. In the gift bags are all sorts of things-pens, pads, fliers about ‘Older Americans Month’ and also a flier about the pandemic because we want them to stay safe. The centers are still closed. All the seven senior centers in Harrison County remain closed until the state tells us when we can reopen.”

This year’s theme is ‘Make your Mark,’ honoring all of the local seniors in our area who paved the way for the rest of us. Harrison County District 4 Supervisor Kent Jones said, “We can’t emphasize enough how they paved that way. We have a lot of things planned throughout the year. We had bigger plans for May, but unfortunately because of the pandemic we couldn’t pull it off.”

But they all still made their mark. “Make your mark in the community. Make your mark at the senior center.  Make your mark at home. Just make your mark.”

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