Cause of the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission Fire

Fire investigators have learned the fire that destroyed the Gulf Coast Rescue Mission in Biloxi was started by a homemade cigarette.
Throughout the investigation and interviews with residents, investigators learned that some of the residents sat on a couch and smoked home-made cigarettes just outside of the building that went up into flames.
Fire Chief Joe Boney says it is highly likely that the cigarette was not put out properly and a fault in the roofing caused the flames to creep up into the building from the outside. “That type of cigarette does have the potential to start a fire more than a regular cigarette. Packaged cigarettes are designed to go out after a certain period of time if they’re not being smoked. These people do great work for the community. We’re saddened by their loss. We saved what we could. We knew the relevance of saving what we could and the guys worked hard,” said Boney.
The mission is still in need of and accepting donations. You can find their GoFundMe account by searching Gulf Coast Rescue Mission Biloxi.

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