Catholic school employees begin new school year

It’s the first day of the new school year for Catholic school employees in South Mississippi.

A space filled with love, learning, and positivity for the new school year, Catholic school students and employees filled the Nativity BVM Cathedral in Biloxi for their opening school mass. Ten-year-old McKenzie Corley sang in the mass, bringing her excitement to a crescendo as she and other students head back to school. “I think this school year is going to be really fun because we have a new teacher at our school. Her name is Ms. Lyons and I’m really excited for this school year.”

Bishop of the Diocese Louis Kihneman sees this annual opening school mass as a team building event to warm up for the new school year. “I was inviting all of our teachers, faculty, staff, and leadership to really share the love of Jesus Christ with their students this year and to bring that back to their classrooms in a very special way.”

In light of the nationwide increase of school tragedies, Superintendent of Education Dr. Rhonda Clark believes bringing everybody together in prayer helps students feel safe at school. “We want our students and our faculty and our staff to feel they are in a safe, comfortable, and respected environment. We feel that belief in Jesus Christ is a very important component of that.”

The opening school mass is intended to set a new and loving tone for the new school year, getting employees ready and back into their routine. St. Patrick Catholic High School Athletic Director Eddie Burger said, “To get back, to get the schools there, to get that excitement, that new dynamic that we miss in the summer, that really is what drives us and what we do this for.”

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