Catholic Diocese of Biloxi Ninth Annual Reading Fair

The pages of many different books came alive today at St. Patrick High School for the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi’s ninth annual Reading Fair.
One hundred and sixteen kids from pre-k 3 all the way up to the 12th grade took part in the competition. Each student picked out their own book to read and then showcased it on a story board. The elaborate displays decorated the gym at St. Patrick High as judges walked around evaluating each one and how well the student knew their story.
Third grader Ciana Rivera said, “My book is “The Girl Who Wouldn’t Brush her Hair.” The story was really funny because the girl just stopped brushing her hair. She just did it her way, so she let one mouse come in, the next, the next. It just kept going and going.”
Third grader Ella Fontan said, “My book was “I Survived Hurricane Katrina.” It was when their family, they were trying to get out but they couldn’t get out of Hurricane Katrina.”
The winners from today’s competition will move on to the regional Reading Fair in Hattiesburg.

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