Casting call for ‘Terror on the Coast’ coming up

Calling all talent, from make-up artists to actors to street performers, if you’re not easily scared you just may want to show up for a casting call to be part of this year’s ‘Terror on the Coast.’

Halloween is just under four months away and one group is already preparing for ‘Terror on the Coast,’ something you may have already experienced first-hand in the past. ‘Terror on the Coast’ Administrator Donna Farris said, “A lot of people think we are just a haunted attraction-We are one of the most haunted attractions on the Gulf Coast. David Childers and his gang came earlier this year and proved there are things that go bump in the night.”

If you’re not afraid, they’re looking for a few good local men and women to be part of this year’s show. ‘Terror on the Coast’ Director and Producer Keith Lampan said, “We’re going to kick off our season early this year with a meet and greet with the public at Pour Judgment in Long Beach on August 1st. If you want to meet the actors, Hollywood-style actors, you can come down and talk with them. If you’re interested in being a Haunt actor, and would like to volunteer, you can come down and talk with them and some of our staff about being a member on the team. We’ll also be having a casting call on August 21st, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and you can look for that on our Facebook page, Terror on the Coast.”

Or you can try your luck at landing a spot on ‘America’s Most Haunted Destinations.’ “We’re also going to have live events, like the ghost hunting events that are kicking off. David Childers is coming back, and he’s been featured on the Travel Chanel, Bio Network, Destination America, and he’s going to be filming again for America’s Most Haunted Destinations, more footage for that. It’s a limited quantity-only 30 tickets are available. He’s going to be here on August 8th to start that filming. If they capture anything you’re going to be on TV.”

To purchase tickets or for more information, head over to ‘Terror on the Coast’ Facebook page.

As for COVID, the cast and crew have always masked up and you can purchase your own custom mask and there’s plenty of room for social distancing. “This warehouse is 87,000 square feet and Terror on the Coast only takes us about one-fourth of that space, so we have a lot of room to expand in.”

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