Casinos Give Back to the Community

People filled the polls Tuesday to elect the candidate they feel will do the most good for their community, but others took a more direct approach to helping out. Workers from the Beau Rivage and Hard Rock Casino both took time out Tuesday to help the less fortunate.

Instead of ringing slot machines Beau Rivage employees worked amid the sounds of buzz saws and hammering, the sound of progress as casino workers like Allison Smith Mitchell lent a hand to help build a home for Habitat for Humanity and a Grateful Gulfport Woman. Mitchell, Vice President of Human Resources, says, "We are really committed to restoring the Gulf Coast community. We would love to give back to the community. That helps us survive and thrive. Our main focus and main purpose is to give back."

Chris Monforton, President and C.E.O. of Habitat for Humanity Mississippi Gulf Coast, says, "I like to think that when you use your hearts and hands to work for a worthy cause, you rise to the occasion and certainly we’re seeing that today."

While Beau employees were busy swinging, Hard Rock Casino workers were packing bags with food in an effort to make sure no local child goes to bed hungry. Cecilia Snyder, Child Nutrition Specialist, says, "This project means a lot to the community and it would not be possible without organizations like the hard rock and the volunteers here today."

To an unlucky gambler, it seems all casinos do is take, take, take, but Tuesday is the day that they have chosen to give back to the community all across the Coast. George Corchis, President and C.E.O. of Southern Operations for M.G.M. Resorts, says, "We participate and partner with many charities across the gulf coast. Habitat, for example, is very important to us. We’re able to get people into houses, and we are able to partner with them."

Maria Johnson, Director of Human Resources for Hard Rock Casino, says, "It’s not about the casino making revenue. It’s about giving back. There are so many people who need help and we have 1,100 employees here and it’s our duty as citizens to give back to our community and help those in need."

A joint effort was successfully made on Tuesday between two casinos to help build up the community and fill the needs of youngsters who live on the Gulf Coast.

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