CASA members rally for Harrison County Board of Supervisors

CASA members held a rally this morning, thanking the Harrison County Board of Supervisors for their support in issues with the youth court.

The rally started out in front of the Second Judicial Court in Biloxi and they marched over to the youth court down the street chanting “CASA Strong.”

According to members of CASA, the issues with the youth court started after many of their workers have been removed from their cases.

In some of these cases, CASA members have been working with their children for months or even years.

They’re unsure as to why they have been removed and at the board of supervisors meeting last week their grievances were aired. CASA Advocate Stephanie Mathes said, “They spent quite a bit of time hearing our wishes and pleas and desires to go back, listened to stories from parents and foster parents and heard our expression of wanting to get back to the kids. Later that day they did a resolution.”

The board of supervisors has no say in whether CASA gets to go back to work on their cases.

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