Car Smashes Through Drugstore

Today, employees and customers at one D’iberville pharmacy received quite the shock when a car drove through the front of the store.
Employees at Back Bay Drugs have already started cleaning up the mess from today’s accident.
Witnesses say the driver of the car said they got their foot stuck on the car’s rug and accidentally hit the gas pedal.
Fortunately, there were no injuries reported, but one employee did have a close call. Ted Aycock, co-owner of Back Bay Drugs, said, “One of my girls was out here on the floor putting up merchandise. She was maybe within 5 or 6 feet of where the car came through the store. We heard an explosion, more or less. I ran out and there was glass everywhere. First thing we wondered was ‘is everybody ok?’ Nobody was hurt, thank God. The two people in the car were fine. Of course, they were devastated.”
The co-owner went on to say repairs should take a few weeks but they plan to stay open and keep things business as usual.

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