Car rollover in Gulfport Thursday

A car flipped over Thanksgiving evening in Gulfport.
The man involved, Joshua Ellzey, tells News 25 that what started as road rage landed him without a vehicle. “There was a car being arrogant and had cut me off. I was chasing him down, blowing my horn at him, trying to let him know that he almost caused me to wreck.”
While attempting to chase down the car, Ellzey says he hit traffic at a red light on East Pass and Cowan Road which caused him to swerve over a curve and flip over. A vehicle carrying two passengers was rear-ended during the accident. Angelle Deschamp, the driver involved, said, “Well, I was pretty much worried about him because as soon as he hit us, he started flipping. So, yea, it was kind of scary.”
Gulfport firefighters report that Ellzey was able to successfully get out of the car on his own. Ellzey tells News 25 he was living inside his vehicle and although he lost his car, he is thankful he hasn’t completely lost all his belongings.

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