Car crashes into home in Chapelwood Subdivision in Gulfport

One family in the Chapelwood subdivision woke up to a very scary scene early this morning.

David Ames is still in shock trying to wrap his mind around the idea that a car was sitting inside of his home. Around 12:30 at night, a driver, driving down Landon Road in Gulfport crashed into his home, but that’s not the only thing he damaged. “I had two vehicles parked in front of my yard, a Kia Optima and a Toyota Sienna. He damaged both vehicles.”

Ames said that his daughter was sitting in her room, talking on the phone with her boyfriend when all of a sudden, she saw a car inside of her room. She ran into her parent’s bedroom to let them know what had happened. “She bust out screaming at everybody. We came out. I saw the car just sitting in my front yard. Three vehicles damaged, smoking.”

After making sure his family was okay, he assured the driver that everything would be fine. “He wanted his mom. He was hurt. It was really heartbreaking.”

Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan says this was a case of someone speeding. He is grateful no one was seriously injured. “There was a person in the bed bleeding when the accident happened. They escaped injury miraculously.”

The driver of the car that left the roadway was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

David Ames tells News 25 had it not been for the cars parked in his front yard, it could have been way worse. “If it would not have been there, the vehicle that was driving down the road would have gone through my daughter’s room thus killing my daughter. I don’t mean to sound dramatic.”

Ames says he is just thankful to still be here. “Houses and everything can be replaced. So, yes, it’s a tragic thing, but here we are and that’s about it.”

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