Candle Light Vigil for JaQari Toney

A candle light vigil took place in Moss Point earlier this evening to remember the life of JaQari Toney. News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us to the ceremony that honored the Moss Point teen who passed away just last week.
Moss Point High School students are still grieving the recent loss of a classmate they say was a friend to all. Jalacia Hughes said, “The day before, they told me he was in the hospital but I wasn’t thinking too much of it because he just at Senior Skip Day in the pool with us and playing kickball. So, to get the news, it was hurtful.”
JaQari Toney passed away last week from natural causes. The high school senior was on track to graduate from Moss Point High at the end of this month. “Graduating was like his number one goal. So for him not to even get a chance to graduate, it is very sad. Everyone is still very devastated of his loss but we know he would want to see us smile,” said Hughes.
The Moss Point community organized a candle light vigil in his honor. Family, friends, classmates and teachers gathered on the exact same field where JaQari would have walked across the stage and receive his diploma in just a few short weeks. Kathleen Sumrall, JaQari’s teacher, said, “We have a song that two of his classmates actually wrote that will be played tonight and then we also actually have journal entries from his English 12 class.”
With teary eyes and heavy hearts, those who knew JaQari best took turns sharing fond memories and funny stories with the crowd. “He was somebody everybody loved. That’s where it gets difficult talking about him. He had a heart of gold and a personality as big as the sky and I mean, he was just loved by all,” said Sumrall.
Notorious for his big smile and even bigger personality, loved ones tell News 25 JaQari’s spirit is definitely one that will be missed in the classroom, on the field and around the community. Willie Brown, JaQari’s football coach, said, “We often talk about winning football games but you know I’m the type of person that looks for folks who have good character and who is actually going to listen to what the teachers say, what the coaches say and also what the parents say and he was that type of guy.”

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