Candidates Prepare for Harrison County Coroners Election

Next month, Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove will face something he hasn’t seen in eight years: an opponent.
Hargrove has been the Harrison County coroner for over 19 years, but newcomer William Thompson believes he could be the perfect replacement.
Today News 25’s Bryan Kennedy caught up with both candidates as they gear up for the August 4th election.
“There’s only two ways to run: you either run hard or run scared.” And with that philosophy, Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove is circling the wagons for this year’s election. “That’s the mentality I’ve had for the whole 19 and a half years I’ve been doing this. And I’ve had opponents over a period of time, and we just take each election as it comes,” Hargrove said.
His opponent this year will be Maryland native, William Thompson. “Well, everyone tells me, what makes you think can beat Gary Hargrove? And I’m like, well, I stand just a good of a chance. Him and I are voting for the same office. We’re both Republicans, but I think I’d be a good candidate,” said Thompson.
Thompson was stationed on the Coast as a Seabee in the late 70s and moved here permanently in 1981. For the last seven years, he’s worked security for DuPont in Pass Christian. Thompson said, “It’s more or less a position for overseeing things. Helping investigate crime scenes. I have a pretty good instinct as far as criminal background things go. Just got a good instinct about it.”
Harrison County Coroner Gary Hargrove says if there’s one thing he has on his side, it is experience. His biggest feat: after Hurricane Katrina rocked the Coast, the governor put him in charge of recovering, identifying and returning all the lost loved ones in the lower 6 counties in Mississippi. “Between Harrison and Hancock County, we had 153 deaths. Out of the ones that were recovered of those 153, all 153 were identified positively and returned to their families for final disposition,” said Hargrove.
Even though he knows the rigors of the job, Thompson believes he’s the man for the job: “A lot of time and effort to be a coroner. That’s a 24/7 job, but I think it’s time for a change.”

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