Canadian Police Students Visit Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Wednesday, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department hosted Canadian police students as part of an annual exchange program. Law enforcement learned it doesn’t matter what country you’re from, police have the same goal in mind: putting away the bad guys.

Captain Mick Sears of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department says, "Even though they’re in Canada, they’re part of the biggest gang in the world, which is law enforcement."

Sixteen Canadian police students learned some of the differences between U.S. and Canadian law enforcement. David Hivon, a police student, says, "The main difference, you have a lot of city police, county, state, and federal, but we only have city and state police."

Hivon’s father and grandfather were both policemen, and he hopes to work in a gang task force after he completes the police academy. Students also learned about American and southern culture while on their visit. Hivon also says, "We had an escort by the police to come here at this gator ranch and we see a lot of things we’ve never seen in Quebec."

The Canadian police students visited and touched alligators to learn a little bit about south Mississippi. Allen Gelly, a Canadian police academy instructor, closes, "To see how is it done down south. You have a special way of inter-relation with people. The south is back to the roots, back to the tradition."

While students learned about the food and activities popular in the south, they also met with county judges, the District Attorney’s office, and swat teams to learn more about the U.S. justice system.

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