How you can name the otters at the MS Aquarium

It’s World Otter Day! The Mississippi Aquarium is inviting the Coast to get involved with the celebrations.

The Mississippi Aquarium will be home to four North American River Otters. The animals are already being cared for by the aquarium, but they need your help with naming them.

As of right now, there is no set opening date for the aquarium, but when it does open you will be able to see the otters in an exhibit that mimics their natural habitat. Biologist Jeanette Gramm said, “North American River Otters are naturally found in fresh water so any kind of lakes and streams that is where these animals will be found. So our exhibit is meant to mimic that as close as possible. So, it will provide opportunities for our guests to see them on land and in water. We will have some logs in there, some moss, it’s meant to mimic their natural habitat.”

You can vote on the names for the otters by going to the Mississippi Aquarium Facebook page. Voting will end on Friday.

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