How you can help save the sea turtles

The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport has saved the lives of thousands of sea turtles, but now they need your help.

Dr. Mystera Samuelson said, “So, he has been with us for about a year. He came in last summer. He was actually caught by fishermen. After examination from our veterinarian and an endoscope looking at his stomach lining, she was able to determine he had severe ulcerations in his stomach. We’ve seen things like that when dogs or other animals have eaten things like batteries. So, this animal ate something super corrosive.”

Every day, volunteers and professionals work tirelessly at the IMMS to save the lives of endangered sea turtles. “Quite a few man hours, making sure he got the nutrition and medications he needed to survive.”

Situations like this one are a common occurrence at the IMMS and rehabbing an endangered species is costly. “We’ve saved over a thousand turtles for sure over the years since IMMS started responding to turtles back after the oil spill.”

Now, the IMMS is asking for your help to save the turtles. They need volunteers and donations. “When you donate to IMMS this is the kind of stuff you are helping with. You are helping us provide the best possible care that we can for these turtles. It helps us ultimately help them.”

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