Campers ride out Hurricane Zeta at Country Side RV Park

As folks from across the Coast clean up storm debris and survey the damage from Hurricane Zeta, campers at one local RV Park are sharing their storm experiences.

For the owners and residents of Country Side RV Park in Saucier, the cleanup following Zeta is just beginning.

Generators are humming and ATVS are clearing debris at the park a day after many residents felt the effects from the storm. Resident Tina Touche said, “You anchor down, you fill up your tank and you get ready, your ice, your generators and all that, we’re backed up on our stuff right now.”

As a northern California resident, Courtney Clark experienced a hurricane for the first time and described her experience. “Held on tight, it shook quite a bit, I heard some stuff scuffling under and we really just hoped for the best.”

The start of a new day revealed roof damage to a few campers, plenty of downed branches and damaged fencing across the complex.

But Clark says the way people immediately sprang into action to help one another was impressive. “With all this else going on in 2020, it has kind of brought everybody back together, which is good.”

Park Owners Kim and Bill Tuggle say they plan to continue riding out storms in the future. “We feel we faired them out, all of them, so we might as well just stay for any more that we have, unless for some reason at the last minute we decide to go.”

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