C-USA is coming back to MGM Park

Overtime Sports and the City of Biloxi made an announcement today for something the Coast can look forward to next spring: Conference USA is coming back to MGM Park for its third consecutive year.

It’s one of the biggest economic impacts on the Gulf Coast and it’s coming back to MGM Park May 22nd to the 26th. Biloxi Mayor FoFo Gilich said, “We’re excited about that college baseball. It’s really something to observe.”

Conference USA hopes to see the familiar colors from USM filling the stands that’s sure to once again bring an economic boom to the Gulf Coast. Overtime Sports Owner Tim Bennett said, “We’re having a $4 to $6 million impact, but then when you bring in the national coverage through ESPN, the broadcast there, and CBS Sports Network. CBS Sports Network hits about $98 million households. We’ve managed to hit about 16 million of those households, three people per house, we’re right at about 45-48 million people that are watching Biloxi.”

Mayor Gilich wants to bring more events to MGM Park, including this possibility of bringing another major baseball weekend to the Coast. “We’re searching possibilities of Cuban National Team playing an all-star group of locals, USM, LSU, Ole Miss, State, everybody. To put that together, probably a three game series next year.”

When asked about bringing concerts to MGM Park, Bennet had this to say: “That was part of the debate of the lawsuit. I’m going to take a step back from that, I’m going to let the team take a run in that, putting the concerts in, see if they can do a better job than all of us have been able to do. I would like to put some college games in the works as well.”

When asked about the lawsuit, which was settled about six to eight weeks ago, Bennett didn’t have much to say except that nobody won and nobody lost, it’s just that the main focus is on Conference USA. “The fight is not for Biloxi, the fight is not for MGM Park, but I want to make sure that that’s successful, even if I don’t get things the way that I want. What I want to see is more events in that ball park, what I want to see is the governor’s 15 million that he put in, paid back.”

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