Burpees for Breast Cancer Challenge

Fight the good fight, never give up: these two statements represent those in the battle against breast cancer. Participants at the Seabee Base in Gulfport tested their will power in the burpees for breast cancer awareness.

For three years now, the Burpees for Breast Cancer Awareness Challenge tested the strength of competitors, representing loved ones or anyone who has dealt with the sufferings of breast cancer. The idea started with Melissa Crook and friends who have lost loved ones to this disease. “We brought shirts. We wore pink. We had about 80 to 100 participants. We thought he every round, let’s add a burpee.”

The rules of the challenge are simple. Participants will do burpees on the minute, by the minute, adding another burpee with each set and the last man standing is crowned the winner. “We all want to raise money for good causes, but if we can physically get these sailors and their families out here and do an event like this, it’s priceless,” said Crook.

After going 18 rounds with a total of 171 burpees, the challenge crowned Steven LaMonica as this year’s winner. “Fighting breast cancer is something you never do alone. I didn’t do it alone. I had a bunch of people with me. They were fighting their fight, too.”

The challenge stands as a mental checkpoint for Steven and the other participants, sending a message to those taking on an even bigger challenge in life. “He maxed his body out and that’s normally what they do. The just max out their time here on Earth,” said Crook.

LaMonica said, “People with breast cancer or any other fight in their life, don’t just drop and give up, fight the good fight.”

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