How to build feral cat winter shelter

You can keep ‘cool cats’ warm this winter and keep the number of animals in the shelter down.

When the temperatures drop it is a dangerous time for feral and stray cats living outdoors. Katie King with HSSM said, “In South Mississippi, we’re lucky it doesn’t get too cold, but it does get cold and the temperatures do drop and it can be deadly for these stray and feral cats. So, any extra warmth you can provide and give them a little bit of help, that’s amazing.”

Helping outdoor cats thrive in the cold is easy and inexpensive by building a winter shelter. “What you can do and what your families can do is make a project for the kids, you can make these insulated homes for the cats. It’s just a do-it-yourself project and it is really simple.”

Most people already have materials needed to make the cold weather shelters. “You can use an old cooler and you can put blankets in it or straw works as well or if you don’t have an igloo cooler you can use the Styrofoam coolers and you just want to fill it with hay and blankets. It gives them a safe and warm place to stay when the temperatures drop, but you want to make sure you cut a hole in the front and the back so they can easily get out.”

If you don’t have the time or space to build a warm weather shelter you can help animals by donating to the Humane Society of South Mississippi. “We are definitely in need of donations here at the shelter, like blankets, the fleece blankets work really well. I know they have them on sale around this time of year, just those small fleece blankets for cats and dogs and then old towels, blankets, sheets, linens, all that good stuff we really need in the winter time.”

If you build a shelter, make sure to put it in a space where dogs or other predators do not have access to it.

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