Buckle for Life Awards Luncheon Honors Officers

Over the years, the state of Mississippi has made great accomplishments in highway safety.
Law enforcement officers from across the state were recognized for their efforts for seat belt awareness at the Buckle for Life Awards luncheon. It’s all part of the 3rd annual Mississippi Safety Training and Recognition Symposium held in Biloxi.
The Gulfport Police Department had a clean sweep with three top awards. First place “Seat Belt Recognition” was awarded to Sergeant Josh Broman. Gulfport PD was also awarded “Top Agency for Child Restraint” and “Top Seat Belt Award for Municipality.”
Department of Public Safety Commissioner Albert Santa Cruz said, “This is their day, these people have done an outstanding job and there’s no telling how many lives that they’ve saved that they’ll never know about just by doing their job every day. It’s a great bunch of people and we’re proud of every one of them.”
Law enforcement officers from across the state will be training in Biloxi for their 3rd annual training symposium until Thursday.

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