Bryant Wants More Funding Towards Community College Education

During his State of the State Address Wednesday, Governor Phil Bryant expressed the need for more funds for education. He says he plans to put $50 million over the next two years into job force training for community colleges. News 25 spoke with some local community college students and they shared their thoughts with us.

Mississippi could soon be getting more money for local community colleges, and some local students hope this will push Mississippi to the top of the class. Samantha Rollison, a local community college student, says, "The fact that he wants to put more money into the community colleges is a really great idea. I think that’s going to be beneficial to a lot of students and open up a lot more doors for people to come to school."

During his State of the State Address, Governor Bryant discussed putting $50 million into job force training for community colleges in Mississippi. Reagan Williams, another local student, says, "It’s just the principle of supply and demand, if everyone has the same tool kit or the same set of skills, then not everyone is going to get a job, so really diversifying that, if this is a step towards that, is going to be a positive thing."

Governor Bryant also addressed the possibility of more scholarships, and some students say without having to worry about the expenses of tuition, it could help them to focus more on their studies. Rollison also says, "I’d be able to focus more time studying and reading my books and less time on how I’m going to pay my loans back."

With more college grads facing higher student loan debt, not to mention higher default rates, this program could be a step in the right direction.

Sanaa Taghan, another local community college student, closes, “In terms of education for Mississippi, I know it’s not a strong point here, and the Governor doing that for the people here I think would definitely put Mississippi on the map."

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