Broadway Kennel competes at Winter Classic Dogshow

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Winter Classic welcome visitors and competitors from all across the country. Maggie Pryor travels with seven dogs in hopes to win the platinum title.

Traveling from Crawley, Texas to the Gulf Coast, Pryor and her team of five dog handlers are here to win it all. Maggie had her first Australian Shepard as a pet in 1980.

She fell in love with the breed and has been participating in dog shows for over 40 years now. Last year, her dog Rio was awarded number two dog in the nation.

Now that she’s specializing in both Australian Shepards and miniature Australian Shepards, Maggie is excited to compete in dog shows since now they are open after being closed due to COVID.  “Hauling in and out, setting up, to tearing down, packing up, cleaning up. And in these days and times with COVID you have to be so careful because every single thing has to be disinfected before you load it back into the van. So, it’s a very tedious, hard labor job. It’s very emotional because you put in so many hours of training and love and devotion like my Rio ending up number two in the nation, that was phenomenal, the love that they give to you, you give back to them and you fall in love, then they become your family.”

After the Mississippi Gulf Coast Winter Classic, Broadway Kennel is headed to Orlando, Florida to the Big Royal K9 AKC National Specialty.

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