Britt Withdraws from Jackson Co. Sheriff’s Race

Jackson County’s Interim Sheriff, Charles Britt, has officially pulled out from the special election for Sheriff, to be held this November. Amidst the growing controversy surrounding Louie Miller’s termination, Sheriff Britt has decided to withdraw from the Jackson County Sheriff’s race.

Britt explains his withdrawal is not an admission of guilt and still stands by the decision to fire Miller. Britt says, "Absolutely the right reason, I’m getting out for the right reason. I won’t allow these officers and this department to be drug through the mud again."

Britt was appointed Interim Sheriff after former Sheriff, Mike Byrd, resigned and was then convicted of a felony. Hoping to restore integrity to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Britt says he believes he was able to turn the department around. Britt also says, "Law enforcement, we’ve done some very, very good things in that sheriff’s department. The image has been turned around. We’re working great with everybody along the Coast. We have so many processes that have been changed and updated, and the people are happy, the troops are happy."

Britt says he plans to stay out of the corrupt political agendas that plagued the Byrd administration and says in this case, Miller is the one who has been plotting behind his back. Britt closes, "For whatever political reasons, as I’ve been told for the past few months, to have this in their agenda."

Miller’s attorney, Adam Miller, says this accusation is another example of Britt’s ever-changing story of being caught in a web of lies. Britt has now also hired an attorney to represent him in any legal battles with Miller.

There are now six candidates still running for sheriff: Jeff Barnes, Bob Cochran, Mike Ezell, Bruce Lynd, Scott McIlrath, and Shelia Smallman.

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