Bringing Relief to Louisiana

Gulfport residents, officials and emergency workers arrived at the scene of the flood in Baton Rouge this morning at a makeshift distribution point for those in need.
Armed with thousands of water bottles, tons of food, clothing and cleaning supplies and other donations, South Mississippians unloaded this outpouring of donations earlier today.
News 25’s Hank Davis was part of the drive and shares this story.
Three trucks rolled into Baton Rouge today, loaded down with water, food, clothing and other supplies desperately needed by the citizens of southern Louisiana. Since last Friday, at least 11 are dead, an estimated 40,000 homes have been destroyed and nearly 30 parishes are dealing with the aftermath of the flood waters.
The trucks come from Gulfport, filled through the combined efforts of the city, the fire department and our community. Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden has known Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes for over 20 years and he’s overwhelmed by the support coming from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. “What a great heart, what a great city and what a great team that we have, we are reaching out and feeling each other’s pain because we have all been there.”
Denham Springs was one of the hardest hit areas, thousands of businesses and houses left completely devastated by the flood. Denham Springs resident Benjamin Bogard said, “It came up very fast Saturday morning. Several feet within less than an hour, when we finally got out of the house it was mid-shin level and then apparently it got chest height within the house after we left.”
As people try to salvage what they can, the things that used to fill their homes now fill the streets. This is just the beginning of the recovery process for Louisiana, but much like the Mississippi Gulf Coast after Katrina, our neighbors are resilient. Livingston Parish resident Jonathan Taylor said, “We had, I would say, thousands of boats, people in South Louisiana, the bayou boys, I like to say, they know more about water than any body in the world and they come up, bring their boats, their personal boats, fishing boats, airboats, whatever they can to help people.”
“To the people watching back in Mississippi, on behalf of all of us thank you so much. You’ve poured out your hearts, you’ve sent us supplies, and you’re taking care of people that are hurting right now,” said Mayor Holden.

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