Brett Favre Inducted into Pro Football Hall of Fame

For the rest of his life, when you talk about Brett Favre you’ll have to put three little words in front of his name: Hall of Famer.
Newly enshrined Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre got choked up during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech in Canton, Ohio on Saturday night.
The three time MVP explained how his father was the driving force behind the type of player he turned out to be. “I overheard my father talking to the three other coaches and heard him, I assumed I didn’t play as well the previous week only because of what he said. And he said, ‘I can assure you one thing about my son, he will play better. He will redeem himself. I know my son. He has it in him.’ And I never let him know that I heard that. I never said that to anyone else, but I thought to myself ‘that’s a pretty good compliment.’ My chest kind of swole up. Again, I never told anyone, but I never forgot that statement and that comment he made to those other coaches. I want you to know, dad, I spent the rest of my career trying to redeem myself.”
During his 37 minute speech, Favre saluted the Packers fans in the crowd and let them know his allegiance, saying: “Make no mistake about it, I want to be remembered as a Packer.”

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