This morning, Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson hosted a ‘Breakfast with the Mayor’ at Mosaics Tapas Bar. Mayor Dobson updated residents on all things going on throughout the city including the improvements being made on Stealman Lane as well as the possibility of a new food truck ordinance.
The mayor says they are currently looking at other cities that have a food truck ordinance and aiming to model it after one of those.
According to Dobson, the food trucks would potentially be set up along front beach.
“We just kind of want to fill in the gaps. Give people another option, kind of grow the pie, if you will. We want to make sure we protect the existing businesses, our restaurants and bars to make sure we’re not stepping on anyone’s toes and being good neighbors so, the food truck I think is something that is growing intrest and we want to get in on the action.”

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