Breakfast with the Ocean Springs Mayor

Local business leaders and citizens got the chance to hear from Mayor Shea Dobson about all things Ocean Springs this morning at ‘Breakfast with the Mayor.’

This breakfast had plenty for Mayor Dobson to speak on like the widening of Ocean Springs Road, the possibility of a new fire training facility.

Mayor Dobson touched on completed projects like the new dog park and a dredging project at the Fort Bayou community.

The city is also being proactive with their projects. They recently got more than 3,000 water meters back up and running, bringing in $119,000 to the city in the past four months.

They’re working on re-branding, becoming an affiliate of ‘Keep America Beautiful,’ called ‘Keep Ocean Springs Beautiful.’ Mayor Dobson said, “We’re going to be called ‘Keep Ocean Springs Beautiful.’ This will allow us to help fund a lot of great projects we have been working on and help us get some more funds in for different beautification opportunities and really just take all of what we are doing to a whole nother level.”

Mayor Dobson also mentioned they’re waiting to hear back from legislators on their application within their BP Oil Spill settlement funds for a parking garage in Downtown Ocean Springs. He says the vote is expected to take place next month.

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