‘Break the Silence, Stop the Violence’ campaign in Hancock County

Hancock County Sheriff’s Department has created an online platform to answer the public’s question about domestic violence.

Questions asked by the public provides perspective to detectives about what the public is going through and domestic violence laws they are curious about.

Hancock County’s Domestic Violence Investigator provides resources and direction to anyone asking for help.

All questions can be sent through a link on the department’s Facebook page.  All questions are anonymous. If you are in an emergency situation, call 911. Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Grant Coordinator Amy Marquar said, “It serves the entire community, ideally we’ll be reaching victims who are too afraid to reach out or have yet to make reports of domestic violence and other community members who have questions and misinformation about the laws of domestic violence, so that they can provide support to friends and family who might be experiences it.”

The online forum will be available until June, openly accepting questions about domestic violence, teen dating violence, stalking, or any other relatable subject.

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