Brand New Walmart Opens Doors in Gulfport

It’s a growing trend here on the Coast, as well as a corporate investment in our local communities. Another neighborhood Walmart opened its doors in Gulfport today with a ribbon cutting ceremony that also marks the addition of nearly 100 more jobs here in South Mississippi.
A brand new 24-hour Walmart opened its doors on Pass Road in Gulfport on Wednesday morning. Key features inside this neighborhood market are a pizza bar, pharmacy and split aisles. Store manager Suzie Jabbia said, “Normally when you walk into one of the neighborhood markets, your grocery aisle is one long aisle. Here we have a split aisle so you’re able to maneuver easily around the store.”
This neighborhood market has also added 95 jobs here on the Coast, as well as a quick stop for those who need gas and other items. “We also have a fuel station out front that no one else has around here yet. And we’re also selling fishing licenses here,” said Jabbia.
Not only did Walmart open their doors to brand new customers at this location, they also presented $8,000 worth of grant money to local organizations. Gulfport High School band director Zachary Harris said, “My symphonic band has been accepted to perform in Indianapolis, Indiana in March and we’re the first band from Mississippi to be accepted to do this and so it’s going to help pay for that transportation.”
This Walmart continues to invest in our community with more grant money going to other groups, including Tired Dog Rescue, TNT Ranch and Recovery Home and the Gulfport Fire Department. This is a sweet return for the locals who are sure to shop these aisles and benefit from this corporate investment. “It means a lot, it means a lot to the community as well as the band,” said Harris.
This brand new Walmart Neighborhood Market is located on Pass Road in Gulfport and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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