BP Money Arrives in Mississippi

The first installment of BP money is finally here in the state.
Mississippi is receiving $150 million from the oil giant responsible for the 2010 Gulf Coast oil spill that wreaked havoc on coastal waters.
$46 million of that money is already included in the budget. The remaining money will sit in reserves until the legislature decides what to do with it.
If Coast lawmakers have a majority say they have plans to continue to fight for most of that money to stay right here on the Coast. State Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes said, “Well, the governor promised that the majority of that money will come to the Coast. However, the coastal delegation is really adamant about making sure at least 80 percent of the money comes here because we were the ones that were affected by it and it’s only right that the money stays here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.”
In total, Mississippi will receive $2.2 billion over the next 17 years. $750 million of that is to be allocated by the state legislature.

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