Boys and Girls Club Receives a Special Guest

It has been almost 10 years since the gulf coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. If it wasn’t for a 5 million dollar donation from the country of Qatar, The Boys and Girls club in Pass Christian may not be here today.
“My step brothers both went here and my parents sent me here as well. It was through here that I made friends and found out what I wanted to be in life.”
Josh Womble is a freshman in college who went through The Boys and Girls Club programs and now volunteers his free time at the facility.
He is just one example of how this organization helps prepare youth for the future.
“The biggest risk for a child is that 3pm to 7pm time frame when the parents aren’t home from work or there is less supervision in the household. So this is a place of safe learning and a loving place.”
A place that the Ambassador of Qatar is proud of.
He says he hopes his country can continue to foster a strong bond with The United States.
“This is something that gets our two nations together. Helping the young people who get the best education.”

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