Boys and Girls Club members experience new adventures

The Bacot McCarty Foundation and Mississippi Power collaborated together to sponsor 26 kids from Moss Point to participate in Mississippi Aquarium camp free of charge.

‘Great Futures Start Here’ is the slogan that is embedded within the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. All week long the kids at the Boys and Girls Club of Jackson County were given the opportunity to get out and learn about marine life at Mississippi Aquarium’s summer camp. Todd Trenchard with the Bacot McCarty Foundation said, “It’s the first time they have ever had the opportunity to do anything like this and it’s just been amazing to see the lights go off in their eyes as they are seeing something new and that’s what we wanted.”

The hands-on camp allowed the children to get up close and personal with many different species. Mississippi Aquarium Camp Director Lizzy Whigham said, “So, they have seen crocodiles. They have seen armadillos up close. They have seen our coral cat sharks. They got to touch them so they have been to able to interact without different species.”

The children also went out on a ship excursion, dissected a shark, and enjoyed a beach day. “These kids have been involved and so interested in everything that we have done especially with our shark dissection we did this morning. Everyone was hands on. Everyone wanted to see inside the shark and see what’s going on.”

Not only did they gain hands on experience the Mississippi Aquarium made sure to incorporate education as well. Boys and Girls Club member Johnathan Jackson said, “We got taught different things about fish and it inspired a lot of people to open their minds to different things, especially in an aquatic area.”

The goal is to make this a yearly outing for the kids at the Boys and Girls Club. “We are hoping that this program can be continued and this template be used in future years.”

Jackson tells News 25 this was a once in a lifetime experience. “I never experienced anything like this.”

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