Boosie speaks out on JZ 94.5

A missing case of jewelry belonging to rapper Boosie has been found according to Biloxi police and Boosie. Today, the rapper took to social media and local radio station JZ 94.5 to tell his story.
“We put pressure on them. We sent all kinds of lawyers to Biloxi. We talked to everybody, the city, all of a sudden my jewelry has been found.” Rapper Boosie taking to social media Wednesday afternoon, this after several posts on Instagram after accusations the Biloxi Police Department stole one million dollars’ worth of jewelry from him as he explained to local radio station 94.5 WZJD on their Wednesday morning talk show with Rip Daniels. “It’s not really a big case about the jewelry. It’s about the harassment and how we were treated,” said Boosie.
Biloxi police say when the allegations were made the department immediately began an investigation. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “The police followed their normal procedure on these types of criminal activities in that everything was impounded. It was inventoried, under lock and key. The passengers were told how they could retrieve the van and its contents.”
This following a call of disorderly conduct at Edgewater Mall Sunday afternoon, shortly after a security officer was captured on video pepper spraying Boosie and fans, as Boosie also recounted on his Instagram account. “After we left the mall, he came behind us again and sprayed us again. Who is the animal in this situation? Who is ignorant in this situation?”
JZ 94.5 Vice President Tabari Daniels said, “He was acting from a place of anger. It’s definitely warranted and today what we tried to do on the show was put things in perspective for him. Of course he’s had a bad experience, but let’s not indict the entire City of Biloxi or the Coast.”
“I was with my kids, man, you know. You sprayed me down in front of my daughter, man. I’m not with Biloxi at all man, I’m through with that. That was the last chapter of me coming there,” said Boosie.
“So he’s still dealing with the anger of it, but eventually you got to come with the mental aspect of ‘ok, how do I rectify this? How do I get justice? Because my anger is not going to bring the justice,’” said Daniels.
Boosie also turned to his musical outlet to release his anger about the handling of the incident. The City of Biloxi stands firm that they did the right thing and handled the situation fairly. “To be perfectly honest, the police department had a challenging weekend, they handled it with professionalism and integrity. Quite frankly, we take offense to anyone that is going to try to impugn the integrity of our police department,” said Creel.
The Biloxi Police Department says arrangements are being made to return the impounded property to the owners.

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