Bomb Threats at Two South Mississippi High Schools

Two separate bomb threats were made at D’iberville and St. Martin high schools yesterday. Even though neither threat was carried out, a 15-year-old student at D’iberville High was arrested for the false alarm.
Students at St. Martin High School were evacuated and brought to the upper elementary school until a proper search for any suspicious items was completed. No bombs were detected in either school.
With the shooting and bomb threats happening around the country, these threats were not taken lightly. Bomb Squad Commander Lieutenant Milton Houseman said, “There’s really no fault of the child that they’re trying to do something wrong, they just don’t realize the gravity of making a statement like that because it causes this response. You never know when somebody could have items because there are a lot of incidents with violence in schools across the country either with the active shooter type people or someone with a device.”
If you see a suspicious device in your office or at school, do not touch it. Bomb squad officials say to either tell a supervisor or call the police.

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