Boil water notice for the City of Waveland

If you plan on drinking water anywhere in Waveland you’ll need to boil it first. The City of Waveland has issued a citywide boil water advisory until further notice.
The extreme cold weather caused the city to lose pressure in the water system. When a water distribution system loses pressure, contaminants can siphon back into the system.
Public health officials consider any system that has lost pressure contaminated until tests of the water prove otherwise. City of Waveland Public Works Director Brent Anderson said, “One of the good things is we didn’t have a break so we didn’t allow any bacteria into the system, but it is important we lost pressure, we’re pulling a flushing on the system now. We’re taking our necessary samples and going to have them tested. So at this time, as a public works director, I felt it was better that we do a complete boil water notice to the whole city.”
Health officials say residents should boil their water for one minute before it is consumed or used for cooking. The water boil notice is expected to be lifted by tomorrow.

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